Complaints & Disputes


At Supa Golf, we are customer obsessed. It’s our mission to provide a fun, friendly, safe, and enjoyable experience for every single one of our customers.

We get very sad indeed when we hear that we’ve fallen below our exceptionally high standards, so I would encourage you to always give us the chance to respond in-person before publicly naming and shaming us online.

You might be surprised to find how friendly and receptive we are to listening to opportunities to improve our products and services and to learn what lengths we will go to to delight our customers!

All we ask is that you factor in that there are many things we can control, and many things we can’t.


What we can control

We do everything we can in our control to make your experience the best it can be. To name a few, this includes:

  • aspiring to offer the friendliest, most helpful and efficient service possible
  • constantly reviewing and upgrading our offerings and facilities
  • offering one of the most unique and fun recreational activities in the whole of Australia
  • maintaining our beautiful golf courses to the highest standards possible within the constraints of budget that allows us to also keep our prices as low as they can be

If we fail in any of these areas, we desperately want to hear from you so we can learn and improve.


What we can’t control

We would like to politely point out that there are many things outside of our control that might negatively impact your experience.

The most obvious one being inclement weather…nothing we can do about that one, sorry!

The other one is (excessive) wait times and/or (slow) pace of play.

So, whilst most fair-minded people would agree that how busy a business, venue or facility is should not be the sole basis of a complaint or worse, a bad online review, it seems that not everyone agrees.

We therefore thought we’d jot down some points for you to help manage your expectations to avoid frustration before considering whether to lodge a dispute, complaint or bad online review:

  • Supa Golf is an inclusive and family orientated facility designed to be a fun environment for absolutely everyone of all ages and physical abilities, from infants to the elderly, and golf pros to those with disabilities alike – so please bear this in mind when managing your expectations about waiting times and pace of play. Especially during peak periods.
  • Supa Golf is a shared facility, meaning that ringing up and booking in advance does not entitle anyone to exclusive use of the facilities like it would at a bowling alley, snooker hall or a tennis facility.
  • Waiting periods and pace of play on the course will be entirely dictated by your fellow customers who may be 5 years old, 80 years old, injured, disabled or simply not in a hurry!
  • If pace of play is the single most important criteria when evaluating our service and product, we would politely suggest visiting during an off-peak time.
  • Bookings are taken at 10-minute intervals, which should be plenty time for groups of any age or ability to clear their first hole. However, all it takes is for a single group in the entire field to be a little slower for the entire field to experience a slowdown. There is nothing we as business owners can do about this. Most of our customers are understanding and forgiving of this.
  • As a business, less than 50% of our customers book in advance. And of the portion that do book, a significant percentage arrive after their tee time – which means it’s nigh on impossible for us to manage wait times and flow. To optimise this, we are making significant investment (tens of thousands of dollars) in developing custom software and technology to improve this – but this will take time to implement and even with the best systems and processes in the world, it’ll never be perfect and there will always be periods of longer wait times and slower pace of play.
  • We are always honest and transparent when managing expectations around wait times when dealing with bookings and walk-ins about how busy we are at any given time.
  • We do not take pre-payment for regular bookings (less than 20 people), meaning anyone who shows up and decides that the venue is too busy for their liking is free to change their mind about whether to proceed with playing.

Feedback process
All that said, we would love to hear your feedback, good and bad, and would therefore encourage you to communicate with us directly via and of the channels below:

In-person: ask for the Venue Manager (Lisa) or owner (Craig)
Phone: 08 9296 5566
Online form: